"improving agricultural productivity, profitability, and profitability."

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Here at Primestock Genomics, we empower our customers and partners to achieve their research and business goals by improving agricultural productivity, sustainability, and performance.

We work diligently to close the gap between new genetic discoveries and animal producers by making proper use of genomic knowledge and technology.

We are proud members of the science and agricultural community whose goals are to provide new opportunities and methods for improving animal health while preserving and protecting the traits that make each breed unique and great.

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Customized Genetic Testing

Breeding & Selection Tools

Prime Stock Genomics offers premium cryostorage services for Beef and Dairy ranchers. Call us today to find out how we can assist you in protecting and preserving the quality of your samples.

Our customized genetic platforms for both beef and dairy, tailors the genetic testing of your herd, your breed, and your breeding strategy to give you the most affordable option in using genetics to increase genetic merit, production, and profit. 

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Customize Your Cattle Genetic Test

Here at Prime Stock, we are committed to helping you reach your business and research goals. We want you to understand how genetics are impacting your herd specifically. Some genetic markers have a greater impact on some breeds over others. Our breeding and analysis tools take into account breed specific genetic contributions, making your genetic report a more powerful and more accurate tool in selecting which cows to breed to achieve your goals. Our team will gladly assist you in interpreting your results.